D-Day – You’ll never be forgotten

Today I thought I would post a copy of ww1 poet Rupert Brooke’s The Soldier, as a way of paying my respects to those who gave their lives in the hopes of saving ours, and protecting our right to freedom.

“You’ll never be forgotten.”

This is the original Manuscript of WW2 Poet Rupert Brooke’s poem, The Soldier.

Rolex Watch

If I were like a Rolex watch

I’d be too expensive to wear

eyed go around with hands on my face

people would watch and stare.

I couldn’t be having that

dressed in a garb of gold

strapped upon anothers’ arm

then when my owner is skint

I’d get sold.

I’m glad I’m not a Rolex watch

I’d never have the time

to sit here writing silly verse

I’d be wasting my valuable time!